Nitrogen-infused Coffee, and Secret Projects: Drinking with David Foulquier

Half French and half Persian, David Foulquier hails from Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York. The young, completely charming, and well-traveled restaurateur has developed an all-embracing palate, which inspired his premier venture, Fooq’s, in Miami’s flourishing Arts & Entertainment District.

At Fooq’s, a nickname given to his family’s surname, David offers his loyal patrons a world-class dining experience, which includes a new Grower Champagne program. His young and rising chef, Bryan Rojas, has crafted an eclectic menu that combines David’s Persian and French roots with his own South American and California cuisine background.

Drinking With David Foulquier of Fooq’s

David Foulquier, a restaurateur, and the owner/manager of Fooq’s. I currently live in Midtown Miami. I moved to Miami from New York in 2008 to attend the University of Miami, and I’ve been down here since.

How did you get started in the biz?

I always knew I wanted to be a restaurateur. When I was 13 my friends would tell me they knew I was going to own a restaurant one day! There’s something about making people feel happy and welcome and opening your doors to them that makes this business special.

I ended up staging at Daniel and Jean Georges in New York City. After my sophomore year attending UM [University of Miami], I transferred to FIU [Florida International University] Hospitality. At that point, I was pretty much getting started.

What was your first hospitality job?

My first hospitality job was a three-month Stage at Daniel in New York City [Daniel Boulud’s Michelin 3-Star French flagship restaurant]. I was able to see all aspects of a top-notch NYC culinary institution. It was really quite eye-opening and inspiring. I don’t think I realized at the time what I was witnessing. Very special.

What is your current go-to drink order?

Champagne, baby! Nothing beats a nice glass of bubbly… That being said, a Michter’s American Whiskey after a long shift is always nice.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I am actually a bit of a tea fanatic. Thanks to my dear friend Michael Ortiz, of Jojo Tea, I have developed quite an affinity for loose leaf tea. The complexity and depth of flavor, texture, mouthfeel and terroir is not much different from wine.

That being said, I’m a sucker for my friend, Camilla Ramos’ iced cappuccino next door at All Day. Since high school, that’s been my go-to, but I’ve had a hard time finding a place serving one up to my standards. All Day really knows what they’re doing, and all their drinks are from the drip. And, the ‘Royal Tea’, [dried coffee fruit & sweet Florida milk; infused with Nitrogen gas]…really impressive stuff.

What are your favorite bars in Miami?

The Corner. This is the ultimate Miami bar for me. Although it has only been around five years, it’s clearly an institution, and it’s most likely where you can find me when I’m not at Fooq’s. Chris Macleod is doing a fantastic job with the whole block, and it really all starts with The Corner.

Best Places To Go On An Expense Account?

The Saxony Bar at Faena; although I have yet to properly enjoy a night there, it looks stunning. I definitely look forward to exploring that place some more. Sugar is a solid option too.

Best Places To Take ‘Out-of-Towners’ for the ONLY IN MIAMI Experience?

I would take out-of-towners to Club Space. The new team over there is doing a fantastic job. We couldn’t be happier to have them on the block. In my opinion, there’s nothing like a Space sunrise.

Not many places in the world allow you to party 24/7, and Club Space is one of the only exceptions existing in the US. ONLY IN MIAMI!

What do you think is trending in Miami cocktails right now?

Mules are really trending. I’m also seeing a lot more whiskey cocktails.

If you see someone order a -BLANK – it really impresses you.


Who are the best industry buddies for a fun night out?

Aramis Lorie (Grand Central, 1306) and Chris Macleod (The Corner) are probably my go-to drinking buddies. They’re always a hoot. Veteran drinkers.

Special shout-out to any bartenders or drinks makers out there that you think deserve some special love?

Props to my boy Rob Ferrara, [Distilled Hospitality mixology consultant], although he isn’t bartending currently. That guy is an animal: hard worker, great palate and an overly solid dude. Definitely keeping an eye out to see what this guy is doing.

Spill it: shameless plug – what are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on something fun with Aramis Lorie from 1306 and a pretty special project in NYC that’s been over a year in the making. Can’t spill the beans yet though.

Social call: where can Thirsty readers keep up with you?

I personally don’t use social, but my girlfriend/life partner, Dominique Shiekman with OnBrand Communications, does an absolutely incredible job with our @fooqsmiami Instagram and Facebook. I couldn’t be more impressed and thankful. She shapes the perception of the business, an absolutely huge force in this 21st century restaurant world.

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