Drink This Now: Manischewitz Daiquiri At Shalom Y’all In Portland

Portland, Oregon is globally recognized for its truly impressive hospitality scene; we have a deep affection for this super rad city!  We got to experience some of PDX’s bar scene with Jordan Felix,Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Advocate, who happens to be a remarkably knowledgeable and fun cocktail tour guide. One of our stops is the Shalom Y’all, a concept inspired by Israeli street food with such strong “foodie” cult following that they opened a second location.  While examining the cocktail menu, I gazed upon the Manischewitz Daiquiri, and growing up in a primarily Jewish community, I needed to order one up and learn more.  Clearly, we approve and since it is Hanukkah, it is the perfect time to showcase this clever drink.

Created by Jamal Hassan, Bar Director for Shalom Y’all, he had to say this about the drink,”One of my favorite things to do when creating a new cocktail is that play with the notion of expectations. Manischewitz is one ingredient that is always a topic of discussion. Everyone that has tried it always has a visceral reaction to it in one way or another. I like to think that it’s a reminder of the excitement of that first stolen sip rather than the cloying way that the flavor may have stuck with you after. This iconic fruity wine pairs surprisingly well with the dry grassy notes of Casa Magdalena Rum. Add a healthy dose of fresh lime to balance this out and just a touch of sugar to add some richness and you’ve got a valid excuse to put back a few Daiquiris over the holiday.” L’Chaim, Hassan was also kind enough to share the recipe.

Manischewitz Daiquiri by Jamal Hassan at Shalom Y’all

Manischewitz Daiquiri

  • 2 oz Casa Magdalena Rum
  • 3/4 oz Fresh Lime
  • 1/2 oz Blackberry Manischewitz
  • 1/4 oz Rich Demerara Syrup

Shake and strain into a frozen coupe. Garnish with a thinly sliced lime wheel floated on top.

Shalom Y’all Details

1128 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205
(503) 333-6123 | shalomyallpdx.com | @shalomyallpdx

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