Nunu Chocolates Boozy Hot Chocolate at the W New York

We admit, as magical as the holiday season is in New York, the weather outside is typically always frightful. When the temperature likes to dance around the freezing mark, nothing warms our soul like the nostalgic sweet smell and creamy goodness of hot chocolate. It vividly brings us back to our youth of warming up our frozen fingers and toes after sledding and snowball fights with rich, toasty, milky hot chocolate. Now that we are all grown ups, we still love us some hot chocolate but we have the extra pleasure of adding a lil extra warmth, thanks to our favorite liquor.

Just in time for National Hot Chocolate Day on December 13th, one of our very favorite chocolate makers, Brooklyn-based Nunu Chocolates, is pairing up with the always posh, W New York, to offer three exclusive, hand-crafted boozy hot chocolates this winter in the recently renovated Living Room.

The special menu, called W NEW YORK PRESENTS: NUNU SPIKED HOT COCOA”, is available starting on Thursday, December 11th and every Thursday through the winter, features:

  • ‘As Long as it’s Legal’ made with moonshine,
  • ‘Baby it’s Chili Outside’ made with mezcal-chili
  • ‘Absinthe Minded’with absinthe.

Boozy Hot Chocolate Drinks

Each drink is made from Nunu’s 65% single-origin dark chocolate shavings to give the cocoa an intense chocolatle-y flavor and mixed smoothly with the distinct and bold moonshine, the smokiness and warmth of mezcal-chilli and the kick of anise in absinthe.

Nunu Chocolate Details

Social Media: @NunuChocolates 

Nunu Chocolates Boozy Hot Cocoa Drinks

The W New York

Address: 541 Lexington Avenue
Social Media: @whotelsnyc

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