Cocktails on Tap at Gramercy’s Newly Opened Street Taco

What makes a taco spot a drinking destination? Taps full of legit cocktails with palatial flavor that swim to your cup with the rapidity of a draft beer. Welcome to Street Taco.

This newly opened Gramercy Mexican joint is a welcome addition to the ‘hood. It’s low-key and has tap drinks that pour with speed, pomp, and circumstance. And while that may seem oxymoronic, Street Taco’s Beverage Director (and friend of Thirsty) Evan Hawkins has made this skill somewhat of a specialty.

For example, the ‘Mistico’ is a tap cocktail containing a plethora of ingredients, the base truncation of which is listed on the menu. However, the details – like top of a tree in the fall – are what truly give this drink its full color and glory.  To un-fancy the wording for a second, this drink is strong as fuck, so drink only about two of them. There is a chipotle tinge and other magical ingredients that combine into an almost purple milky liquid which is the mole agave base. It’s thick, complex, and pretty darn good if you are in the market for something unique.

El Generico at Street Taco

El Generico at Street Taco

Off the menu details are everywhere on the understated menu. For example the Rum-Chata (Google Horchata if you don’t really know what that is) is actually made with almond milk which is not un-traditional, but definitely leans towards a more laborious process.  Also, the rum is a 7-year Flor De Cana.  A lesser rum would tinge the drink with an unwelcome astringency.

But again, enough of the hoity words; the drinks and the destination are fun and meant for the masses. This is indicated without subtlety by the big purple neon sign inside that says “For The People.” They have DJ’s in regularly and like to keep the beats and the drinks flowing.

Tsunami at Street Taco

The Tsunami at Street Taco

The Tsunami, a frozen margarita/sangria swirl, is an easy crowd pleaser on a hot summer day, and also not mentioned on the menu is the possibility of a strawberry-infused Aperol floater (you’re welcome Thirsty readers).

There is also food, served out of an old VW van including (duh) tacos and a killer tuna tartare. But we are all about the drinks, and the drinks here are on point.

Street Taco details

358 Third Ave., 646-791-5413,, @streettacony

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