Drink This Now: Wasabi + Cilantro At Mace In NYC Is A Miami Vice Cocktail You Need To Try

The Miami Vice cocktail is having a serious moment right now and we are seeing variations of the white & red layered blended drink popping on menus all around the world.  The brilliance of blending a frozen Piña Colada and layering a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri makes the Miami Vice one of the most beloved vacation cocktails that has been elevated from guilty pleasure to cult favorite.  One that we have been seeing making rounds is the Wasabi + Cilantro at Mace bar in New York City.

Created by Nico de Soto, you know he had to dig into unexpected flavor experiences.  Nico shares, “Inspiration are from flavours I had in a meal in Sweden and Peru. In that version you can start enjoy de Wasabi with the straw, sip from the glass the Cilantro, or mix them together for an explosion of flavors and complexity.” Although Nico was generous enough to share the recipe, we are talking Mace, so it is super complex and involved. We won’t even dream of trying to recreate this at home and suggest heading over to Mace to order one (or two) as the summer heats up.


(photo courtesy of Mace bar) 

Mace Bar Details

35 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

macenewyork.com | @macebarnyc 

Wasabi + Cilantro Recipe


5000 Wasabi Soy Washed Rum 8000 Strawberry Puree
2500 Lactic Vanilla Syrup
1000 Lime

5000 Angelica Tea Water 0.01% Gum Arabic

Lactic Syrup

500g of simple syrup 2.5g lactic acid powder .25 oz vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean

Sous vide at 60C for 1 hour

Wasabi Rum

75g horseradish
750g Plantation 3 Star
Sous Vide @ 52.5c for 2hr Then milk wash with soy milk

Angelica Tea Water

– 13g per 500ml steep for 5 min then fine strain


4500 Bacon Rum
6000 Plantain Coco Cream 6000 Pineapple
750 Lime
2250 Cilantro Tea
3000 Water
0.01% xantham gum

Bacon Rum

– Bacon Fat, 45g/750ml bottle – 1h infusion sous vide at 52.5

– 3h leave it, freeze overnight

Coconut Cream

– 3:1 coco Lopez to coco milk


– Peel, split down the middle, vacuum seal and sous vide 3-4 hours at 89C to hydrolyze the resistant starches, cool, then blend with 3.5% a-amylase + 2.95% pectinase, hold at 37°C for 4 hrs. minimum (8 is best)

Plantain Coconut Cream

– 2:1 Coco Cream to Plantain, blend on highest setting and pass through chinois

Cilantro Tea

– Boil a pot of water. Blanch 50g cilantro for 15 seconds, then immediately place in ice bath for 1 minute. VitaMix with 1 L water on highest setting for 1-2 minutes
– Fine strain, weigh, and add 0.1% sodium metabisulfite

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