Awesome Tips & Tricks for Mixing Your Own Cocktails

Are you up for making trendy cocktails?

Preparing cocktails is a creative task that you can experiment with. However, keep in mind that you can make many mistakes if you are a beginner. That’s why some are ordering pre-mixed cocktails instead. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you.

Whether you are a bartender trying to learn new tricks or just want to impress your friends at the party, these are the tips that you will really need!


Serve in a cool glass

Every professional cocktail maker will advise you to cool down the glasses. Remove them from the fridge before you pour the drink in. This will keep the cocktail cool for a longer, which will result in a better taste. Also, don’t forget that you should use small glasses as large glasses will warm up the cocktail quickly.

The key to preparing a great drink is to use the right glass. Not many people know that the specific shape and thickness of glasses are specially designed to preserve the taste and temperature of the drink. If your cocktail is bubbly, then you should serve in a tall glass. This will prevent the bubbles from escaping too soon, so this is the main reason why Mimosas are served in tall and narrow glasses.

Use a lowball glass if you serve cocktails made with sugar and bitters. The specific V-shape of a Martini glass will preserve the low temperature of the cocktail served. Make sure that you use the right glass shape for your specific drink.

Use high-quality ingredients

If you want the cocktail to taste like the ones that you drink at a trendy bar, you have to use good ingredients. Make sure that you get quality liquor for the base. You don’t really have to get the most expensive ones, but rather the ones that are of good quality. When enjoying your favorite game at sites like, you would certainly like to sip and enjoy the taste of a good Tom Collins drink.

Use accurate measures

When you look at different recipes, you will see that they have the exact amounts of each ingredient. If you fail to measure them properly, the balance will be run and your drink won’t taste as it should. You can get some good cocktail preparing kits that have the right jiggers included. Also, remember that you will need the proper tools. You can’t make your favorite Mojito without a muddler and stirrer. You can improvise, but this might not give you the result that you wanted. Plus, a great bar kit will make you look like a professional and impress your friends.

Shake with ice

Use a good shaker to prepare your cocktails. Always add the ice last, so that it won’t dilute the drink. The goal here is to chill down the liquid, while not letting the ice melt and release the water. Shake well so that the drink will be cooled down by the ice before you pour it down into the glass.

Add the bubbles in the end

Many famous cocktails contain club soda or other fizzy ingredients. Never pour these in the shaker. If you follow your cocktail recipe correctly, you should first mix the rest of the ingredients and add the carbonated drinks last. Shaking will have the same effect as putting candy in a Coke bottle. You really don’t want to make a huge mess when preparing your drinks. When the recipe says that the sparkling wine or club soda is added last, this is the main reason for it.

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