Piña Coladas & Popsicles at the Neon Tides Bacardí Portfolio Party

The BACARDÍ Portfolio Party this year at Tales of the Cocktail featured drinks from bars in Miami, San Francisco, Bologna, and Puerto Rico.

There was The Piña Colada bar, featuring the Sexy Colada by Daniele Dalla Pola from Nu Lounge, Banana Feels from Daniel Parks from Pagan Idol, World’s Greatest Piña Colada by John Lermayer of Sweet Liberty, and the Jungle Colada by Chuck Rivera of Jungle Bird & La Factoria.

“The portfolio party each year is a unique opportunity to engage over 2,000 of our peers, partners, and friends from across the globe. This year, our beverage operations team prepared 15,600 cocktails including 24 different recipes using our entire portfolio of spirits.”
Chris Hopkins, National Account Portfolio Ambassador.

The Scene

When you first walked into the venue there was a hedge maze entrance with neon lifeguard stand. Once inside, patrons could choose from a number of different bars as well as activities like the interactive painting wall or a game of cornhole. The brands and cocktails that could be found outside can be found below.


Bacardí Portfolio Party - St. Germain Bottled Cocktails - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

L’Equipe passed out bottled St. Germain cocktails that were passed served from the biketender bike along with a flower hair clips with UV paint to glow inside.


D’USSE popsicles and D’USSE lemonade passed from popsicle cart.

Grey Goose

The GG bar served the Le Grande Fizz (Grey Goose, St. Germain, Lime Juice, Soda Water) and the Le Vin Rose (Grey Goose, Verjus, Monin Lavender Syrup, Giffard Créme de Fraise, and Volvic Mineral Water.)

Deer & Beer Bar – Cazadores

Bacardí Portfolio Party Deer & Beer - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Beach shack bar with a taco truck, picnic tables, and corn-hole games. They served Modelo Especiale and Reposado.

Bombay Sapphire

Bacardí Portfolio Party Interactive Painting Wall - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Behind the Interactive art wall for guests to paint you found Bombay Sapphire East & Tonic Japanese Shaved Ice that included Bombay Sapphire East, Tailor Made Tonic, Soda Water, and Bittercube Orange Bitters.

Bombay Sapphire Green Isaac’s Specials: Bombay Sapphire, Demerara Syrup, Coconut Water, and Bittercube Cherry Bark Bitters.

The Bombay Sapphire Dry Freeze Pops that came in three different flavors grapefruit lime, pineapple cherry vanilla, and strawberry rhubarb.

We thoroughly enjoy ideating and rolling out the Bacardi Portfolio Party at TOTC each year; it’s our chance to throw a party in celebration of the bar community from around the world, who gather in New Orleans every July. This year’s theme Neon Tide was a perfect shout out to Summer and our attempt to bring a Tropical Beach party to NOLA. This party would not have been possible without the collaboration of Creative, Production, Fabrication, AV and Lighting crews at Bacardi USA, Team Enterprises and Everest productions.  — Adrian Biggs

Inside The Party

Once you walked inside there were a bunch of bars downstairs from the Call Bar, Piña Colada, VIP bar, Rum & Bass Bar, Stage Bar, Dewar’s Tiny House, and the Draft Wall.

Call Bar

Bacardí Portfolio Party Call Bar - Tales of the Cocktail

This bar served all Bacardi spirits available from this bar. There were color-changing water totes with rotating back bar imagery comprised of Neon Tide, Bacardi and Rum & Bass logos and a live feed to party.

Piña Colada

These piña coladas were created by 4 different piña coladas created by 4 top international accounts. An account representative was present to serve the cocktails. Flamingo/piña colada lapel pins were passed from this area.


Neon Tide Bacardí Portfolio Party VIP Lounge - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Upper loft area with bamboo draping/cabana look where guests could sample the higher marques (Facundo, Single Malts, Grey Goose VS, D’USSE XO, etc.)

Rum & Bass Bar

Bacardi bar featuring the new Major Lazer rum and the Walshy cooler served from a Bacardi branded coconut. They served Tropicalia, Cuban Pearl Diver, and the Walshy Cooler cocktails.


Bacardí Portfolio Party Stage Bar - Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Speaker tower where Silva (local NOLA DJ), Silent Addy and Walshy Fire played

Dewar’s Tiny House

Guests experienced the traveling Dewar’s tiny house with bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Guests with beards could have their beards blown out or decorated.

This bar served a Dramble, Dewar’s 12, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, and Creme de Mure, and Single Malts (Dewar’s 12, Aberfeldy 12, Craigellachie 13)

Draft Wall

The Draft Wall featured six different cocktails on tap that guests could help themselves to. The drinks included a Passion Fruit Paloma, Tropical Penicillin, Grey Goose L’Espresso Martini, French Caipirinha, Bombay Sapphire Pimm’s Cup, and a Jungle Bird.

Neon Tide neon sign and shipwrecked boat as well as the Bacardi bat wings covered in plants and neon light


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